You can’t ask that…

I have been watching a wonderful show called You can’t ask that <(Link). A week or so ago an episode was aired about Intersexed. I hear all the time people saying that there are only two genders. It really is a narrow point of view. A view that is mainly driven by those who are Religious or Personal dislike. Personal dislike I can really understand (I don’t agree with) at least these people do not refuse that science has proven there are more (well, some might). I am always confused by people who are willing to trust science in so many ways is right but not when it comes to Gender. We are seeing now that science and vaccines save lives (get your kids vaxed, don’t be a monster).

As I watched the episode about Intersexed (no I am not that I know of, really not worried about it). But there was a part about being alone growing up that hit me very hard. It is so sad and lonely that when you are so different that even those who are different in school think you are different. Think about what I just wrote, think about those who are the Nerds, Geeks, Disabled, Emo’s and this list goes on and on. Now they look at those who were and are LGBTIQA….+ and say we are “Different”. Now think what it is like to want to blend in but you can’t. This continues as an adult it never goes away, changes yes but never ends.

Even to this day I get looks and hear whispers. People so scared to just talk to me and get to know me. I am not the only one, those who are the Transgender and Intersexed get this all the time. It is not about sex or who we love. It is about just Being. Yeah we look different, we talk different, and we act different. But we still bleed red, we want only the best for our children (if we have some), we want to be loved, we still want to be a part of this world, and we still want to play an active role. But people need to learn that the world cannot keep picking and choosing what science to believe in. That a 3000-year-old book knows more than what our eyes tell us. Religions books do not tell us about computers, phones, cars, vaccines, planes, gravity, air, and so much more. But science did and does all the time. Now I am not saying you don’t have a right to you beliefs but it is time to grow up. Time to stop picking and choosing what science to believe in.

People are people, we all have a right to who we are. Yeah being different is wonderful, I am blessed. Now take the time and watch the videos on that link I gave you to a good show. Each video is not very long. It is time to learn and grow.

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