Time to expand

We all should know that the only thing in life that is constant is change. I love this blog and sometimes I find it very hard to write. Even my dyslexia can play issues and I get very upset about not being able to explain in written form. So, I have started a PODCAST. I have just finished the about me part and will be talking about several issues from being Trans to being an avid computer gamer. There will be some very deep and meaningful conversations. Some will be hard to address as it is hard to hear. But in the end this is my life my journey. I hope that if you are bored have some time to relax and join me on my journey.
You can find me on Anchor at (https://anchor.fm/aleana-robins/episodes/About-me-e43k0m#=) remove the ( and ) to copy the link if the embed link is not working.

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