Changes had to be made.

Well now for years I have been funding this site all on my own and trying to find ways to employ myself. It has gotten to a full time job writing and ghost writing and public speaking and blogging and now adding a podcast to the mix. There is a lot of money going out and not much coming back in so after talking to a few people smarter than myself they suggested I start to Monetize my approach in social media.
There was an attempt to create something about a year ago and that did not really pan out as there is no money for social enterprises that don’t make money in the first place and were not designed to. Even getting grants was a nightmare.

So here is what is taking place….
As of Today Sunday the 27th my Patreon site has gone live.

So what does this mean for the blog. Well I am going to be adding new content as well as updating a few things for the blog. There will be blog only content that cannot be found on my podcast which can be found on…. (This list is huge)

Apple’s Podcasts
Hey Siri, Play the podcast Ally’s Shadow





Pocket Casts



But in saying that there will be content that is only on this blog. I am also going to be adding content on the Podcast that will not be on here. I also understand that the content is free for anyone to read or listen to. So your question might be, Why should I? Well it is very simple I want to be a part of the productive society. If I am not able to find stable employment I am going to make it. I kindly ask that you take a look at the sponsor fees I am asking for. If you would like to continue to enjoy my efforts please spare a dime or two as that will help keep the lights on. I have also chosen to change the way I am publishing as finding a publisher who will work with me has been less that enjoyable. (I do have a keyboard face after dealing with a few of them.)

My site called Human-Roadshow as I have said in the past post will be where I will be publishing my written work. If you have some spare time hope on over and have a look.

I am also pointing out that a lot of this is in the construction stages and it will take time to iron out a few bumps. With your support I think you are going to enjoy where this road is taking us. It will be my pleasure once again to have you along for the journey. Until we speak again, thank you.

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  1. Good on you.


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