In shocking news…

Really I don’t think it is all that shocking. Here recently in the US, ANOTHER transwoman was killed. What makes this one so shocking is a number of reasons. So lets sit down and review them.

First, this young woman was attacked by a MOB! She then did what was right after spending time in the Hospital (where she could not afford the health care). She made a report to the police. Only weeks later to be found DEAD. The police at the time of the murder said we will look into the two being linked. Yeah she was Black and Trans nothing was going to be done, i.e. the cold hard truth.

Second, here a few days ago the same police said that they don’t believe that they were linked. Wait so you by that statement have ended the review and looking into her bashing? Or by what you are saying her death that even blind Freddy could see the two were linked. Was not worth your time? Was it because she was Black or was it because she was Trans or was it both?

Third, in the US in the last few months they have been trying to use and abuse women’s bodies with challenges to the Roe vs. Wade. Which in case you did not know is about abortion. How are these two things linked. Well in the issue of these cases they are saying that life begins at heart beat and we must save that life. The hypocrisy of the religious right is really pissing me off. It is even starting to pour out here in Australia with the little snowflakes wanting religious protections. Well, blow me down for years the religious right has attacked the LGBT communities around the globe. But now that a younger generation is growing up and saying WTF you guys are doing? You little snowflakes want protections. This is really all a bit rich. 99% of these people screaming for this are well off, older 50+, supporters of the right side of politics and don’t care really about what they are doing to this world. Think about it…

In fact the above two issues are a bit in the face. But the half of society that is sick of this shit is not speaking up. Then here a couple of days ago a song was sung on The Voice here in Australia. While I love this song for its brutal truth. I think it was lost on those who were listening. The song was Killing in the Name by Rage Against the Machine. While I must say the guy killed it, people just don’t really understand the truth of the lyrics even though they are so very simple. Take the time and listen to both versions. First I will give you the one from The Voice Australia (the guys got balls).

Ignore the overpaid judges who most have never really had the struggle of life. Respect for the hard knocks that Boy George has endured.

Next just so you can hear why what this guy did is so important but sad that so many did not understand what was being sung. I am going to give you a chance to listen to the whole song. Thank you Rage against the machine for saying what needs to be said.

If you are missing the point of the video. You need to get out and see what is going on.

Fourth, I want you to listen to this over privileged white religious woman. Who as a snowflake had to ask about religious freedoms. Then link the Liberal government who just won to saying prayers and fasting did it for them.

So now you are asking where is my point in all this. Well is it very simple I loathe these drop kicks of humanity who out one side of their mouths say one thing for example Abortion is wrong and we need to care about that life. While their actions over the years say something completely different. Where was the protect for the 18 transwomen in the US that were killed in 2018? Where was the protection for the 5 who were killed in the US so far in 2019? Where is the caring about the school shootings in the US and hundreds of children have been killed? Which I saw a post on someones Facebook from the US saying our thoughts and prayers are with New Zealand after a Mosque was attacked and people were killed, how fucking rich of an American to say that. So where have your prayers taken you? New Zealanders did not rest on Prayers they got off their asses and banned the fucking weapons of war to the general public. Same damn thing Australia did after we lost lives to a monster. But the gun toting America continues to think that guns is the way to save lives as more and more die. Where did your religious freedom take you?

I think I echo so many in the world who are saying enough is enough. I wish for once that these snowflakes who are demanding religious freedoms would do something to save lives. Would do something to make the world a better place without creating MORE hatred. Would hold the police accountable for all the uncalled for shootings and profiling that they are doing. Would care about all the children that the governments are putting into concentration camps (Yeah, that one might be a hard one to swallow on your knees as you do nothing). I am sick of seeing the trans community with a target on our back because you are scared of us being treated equally (the bathroom bullshit). I am tired of seeing all the school shootings in the US as you sit and pray for the loss of life but yet you do NOTHING! I am tried of worrying that my Daughters need to learn about self protection because the police that are being hired are substandard gun toting sociopaths or they are a dollar short of doing their jobs. I am concerned that here in Australia we are seeing more of an influx of America ideologies. Australia does not need to be a little America, it really is time for Australia to tell the US to piss off and start thinking on its own again. This does not mean we shut the doors on our allies. Blows my mind in the last 10 years this is getting out of control. So who’s fault is it?

Well look in the mirror! Then ask yourself do you want more religious freedoms? Do you think that what is going on in America is going to be fixed with thoughts and prayers? Do you think an Elections was won because you fasted and prayed? (I am sorry but that shit is fucked, it has not saved hundreds of children’s lives, so you think it got someone elected?). If you think that because a person is not white they are not as good as you? If you think that it is okay to be white is a good thing to say. Then if that was not enough, if you think that climate change does not impact you. Then YES you are the problem and no amount of religious freedom is going to fix a thing. Shit this stuff is getting old and I am tried of all these snowflakes who seem to come from 2 generations (Baby Boomers and the Flower children (who turned out to do anything but love and peace)). To be honest I think when these two groups die off the world might be in a better place (with a few exceptions there have been some of both of those generations who are good salt). But then we have Gen X who talked a lot of shit and still do nothing followed by Gen Y who are not doing much as well. I hope the generation that is in their 10-20’s can fix this shit or we (mostly they) are fucked. That scares me and I worry about my children.

Well I know I had a bit of a rant there but holy shit this stuff is getting old and someone needs to tell the cold hard truth.

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