Well I never thought I would be doing some form of broadcasting again. I love the medium there is just something to me that is magical. A place where you can talk to an audience of certain subjects that you find important. I love that you and store up the casts and schedule them to be out at a later date when giving you a chance to other things. As building the podcast I have been noticing that I desire a more professional output of the tracks. Though at this time I am not going to be investing $$ into something that is not returning the investment. I already do that with this blog and the Human-Roadshow.

Patreon so far is a joy to work with. At first I was a bit scared in setting it as there is so much to do it get it all done. Lucky for me their interface is a real joy to use. I have looked at others but keep coming back to Patreon. There are going to be a few changes with the blog and the content that is being created. So please keep tuning in as I will be trying to post twice a week if not more. I will also be setting up a schedule of what is being posted on various platforms for everyone to see.

Did you know that this week I have been creating content on my podcasts almost everyday. I have even put the first chapter of my new book up 3 days ahead of schedule. Worked on the Human-Roadshow site as well. I am even working on the Twitch account to get that up and running. In the next podcast I will be talking about making gold inside of Guildwars 2 which can be a bit of a struggle unless you know how to play the Auction house game. Which for me is not something I can get my head around. But I have a few tips that will help new users and help those who are already in the game to earn a few gold coins.

Then I am working on a show about giving you the Transcommunity the power to stand your ground in a discussion. Now I am not saying that you can win the discussion but you can avoid sounding like the idiot in it.

I am working on my Twitch account to play a game with my children for the first show being Quake Arena and toss my kiddos in to the fun of that old game. I will give you information on that in the coming days.

Here on the blog well I am going to be posting such topics as….Well you are just going to have to keep and eye on the blog…I cannot give it all away.

Until we talk next time, have a wonderful day.

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