Getting my children active

One of the hardest things as a parent is to keep your children involved in life and sports. Now days most children are content with playing their tablets or computers. It used to be TV and Console games the era of the kids riding bakes is almost done.

I was really worried about this as a parent . So about three years ago I leaped at a chance to enroll my children in Jiu-Jitsu. At the time I was not really sure about this choice and I was doing it a bit reserved. Now three years later a lot has changed. Now I have two sons who so fully enjoy the sport and a daughter who is doing to be able to protect herself. My boys are to the point that both of them are going into statewide competitions. My oldest is spending about 10 hours a week in training.

I was looking at other parents and what they do with their children. For an example on this past Saturday all three of my children were up and moving at 8, then on the mats at 9 am having a lesson. Which was followed by 2.5 hours on the open mats. Open mats are a chance to roll with others and put all your lessons to work to gauge where you need to learn more. Then on top of that one of the most amazing things I have seen is the adults who are also on the mats having a roll like to assist youth and give them tips. The Jiu-Jitsu community is really unique in sports because of this.

Then we have a break on Sundays where we just enjoy our family time because Monday and Thursdays are very long days for my old who does three hours each day. Then Friday is another hour. Then it is back to Saturday..

But what I see around where I live kids sleeping in until 10 or later. But my children are becoming involved in a sport that they love and which will serve them as adults. What more could we really want as parents. Healthy children and one that enjoy life. So yeah Saturdays are the greatest days.

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