Doing something fun

Well, in this change of my online presence I started looking at some fun things to do with my children. One of these being Gaming with the Boys. Knowing right now my Ex is trying to figure out after reading this that they can find a new spin on Bad parenting. Well bring it on! Because we work our asses off in Jiu-Jitsu, School and having a life.

So what we are going to do now is go back in time to 1998 (ish) and look at some of the games from that era. The first game we are going to play and record is Quake 2. Sadly streaming might not be possible due to being in Australia. A simple yet fun game to go head to head on and have a good time. No building walls or any other silly tricks. Just back to the start of kicking ass and taking names. My skills have dropped over the years and Gabriel has never played this game so we might be a fair battle. But What he does not know is I am going to use the laptop and put this old game on it and bring in a 3rd player his little brother. A little brother who has no fear and no idea how to play this game. This battle is going to be a blast!

I tried to setup Quake 1 but after an hour or so trying to fix the resolution I gave up. So in about a week we will post a video on Twitch or Youtube. Really have not thought that out . But in the end this is all just for fun. Break the dull-drums of life for some laughter and smiles. It is winter time after all. I hope that if we can make it live you will join us. If we can only do a video have a watch it is going to be crazy.

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