Please take the time and help.

Look I know it is hard to live on the street, I’ve done it. I know the fear of having nothing to go home to. I know the fear of losing it all. I have met so many people who even have less than I do. Yeah I am suffering without a job and being Trans. But at least I have a home and tonight we will sleep warm. Sadly this is not the case for others.

Here is Australia we had a rich man beg for 3 million dollars to sue for the right to hate others. Then got it with the help of the Australian Christian Lobby. Just think what 3 million dollars could do for the homeless in my state alone. Lets talk honestly 40% of LGBT+ youth who come out end up homeless. We as a community have the ability with a donation of just $5-10 dollars to help someone in a meaningful way. Doing more good than 3 million dollars to a rich man. We can show just how much love our community has. Please $5-10 is not much. Cup of coffee in the morning vs helping someone have a place to sleep.

Right now they have enough money for 8 pods lets get them some more.
Thank you for taking the time.

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