Project: Gaming with the Boys?

Well, as I said in my podcast and on this blog I had an idea for a bonding event with my boys. That was to make a Lan party in the house just us three. Plans are plans and sometimes steps taken are rather hard. So I dug out my copies of Quake. Quake 1 was and still is an amazing step forward. But in saying that no I am not going to learn to code the game to work right. Quake 2 Oh yeah! we got it working but there is a problem. I suck at it now….

Where once I had an edge but 17 years later I am getting owned by my son, LOL. life really is fun, we were test and tweaking the setting to work with the Mouse Keyboard style that both of us enjoy. But my system is so fast that I could turn around and create a tornado. Gabriel watched it happen a few times as we were setting it up. Now we need to setup the laptop and we are almost there. Now Niamh has seen us playing and has changed her mind and wants to join in so not the idea has changed to Gaming with the kids. We are still in the testing phase and we were also able to test the recording software. Next we will see if Twitch can work with it.

I hope to have this all setup and ready for a full run on Sunday the 7th of July. We also hope to be live on Twitch as well that day. So if you want to see some fun and here us being goofs tune in for more information this week. *Warning* plans could also have to change, the life of being a parent <3.

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