Working with children

ARGH and it is said with absolute love in my heart. My wonderful son has been needing some help in his English studies with writing. So like any good parent I have stepped up to the plate to help my child in his time of need. This does not mean I am going to have sanity when it is all done. But I have chosen to install word onto his computer as well as Grammarly. While doing this I ham having to teach my child the finer points of using a PC instead of his Ipad.

While for most this might seem a normal day to day event. It is not that way for the current generation of students as they are working with Ipads. Which is still trying to catch up with the business world. Then we have the fun of explaining the use of the Oxford Comma and how to use it correctly. Followed by the advanced steps of referencing while still making it easy to work with.

Then somewhere out of the blue my wonderful son looks at me with the kindest of eyes and asks “Is this what you do when writing your books”. So in a look of utter disbelief at the question I had to open one of my drafts to a book I am working on. Knowing I am Dyslexic and it challenges my writing skills all the time. As the word document opens I am faced with looking at the Grammarly error count rise and rise. My wonderful looks at me as it starts to sink in that we all have challenges in writing and errors happen. So we got back to work on his assignment and creating an argument on why cats are better than dogs. But my young son does not fully grasp the concept of a written one sided argument. So I had to then teach him about writing a debate and his side of it as I created my side of it.

We worked for about an hour so now it is a time to give him a break and rest a bit. We have a couple of days to work on this assignment. So we will do some more later on it. I do love working with my kids on their homework and I am also trying to teach him touch typing at the same time. Now that is fun……

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  1. Good job


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