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Well if you have been following my Podcasts and Blog. You would have noticed that our car died. Now while that is a sad event and many have said oh no what are you going to do? Well you see in many ways I loved my Ford it was a very good car. But I had that sinking feeling that change was coming. But at the same time I was also thinking that I needed to make a change in being Greener and my Ford was never going to do that. I was wasting $60 dollars a week in petrol on it and then I was also spending out $30 a month on Insurance. Then top that off with Registration each year at close to $800. The car was also costing on Oil changes and Tires. I even had a tire blow up on me costing me close to $300. The numbers were not adding up when it came to benefits vs. rewards. I was shelling out close to $5k a year if not more. I thought there had to be a cheaper way.

So I started to think and I put it out to the universe I needed some guidance. I started to get the sense that change needed to take place and it was coming if I liked it or not. So I started to look at new cars within a price range that made sense. As well as not over the top. So I set myself a budget and started to look at all the cars that were available to fit that budget. Then in my searching I found the MG. Now this is not your dads MG much has changed including where it is made. Surprise it is made in China and the cost is even lower than what I budgeted in the first place. With that a great 7lt/100km with 7 years warranty and Roadside assist. So I came home and set the information down to think about this choice. As I no longer rush into things and wanted to make sure what I bought was a wise investment.

But at the mean time I thought that riding the Bus was going to be a bit of a pain in the ass. But it was something that was forced upon us as a family. The more I have started to ride the bus the more I have come to enjoy the freedom of not driving. While at sometimes I need an Uber to do a few things that the bus time tables do not fit. That is okay and I can deal with that. So right now we are saving for a new car. But the truth is we might just stay with the bus for a little bit and it will also allow me to end something that has been going on for far to long.

So I got in touch with my Attorney and dropped some money in his lap and said it was time to end the games and the marriage. My ex and I own a house together that she has been living in it while it was to be sold. But someone (hmm) took it off the market without my permission. But at the same time chose to start making noise about the children and visitation but never wanting to solve the problems at hand. So at the same time I am dropping money in my Attorney’s lap for get me out of the marriage as well. This joke of a marriage has been going on for far to long. It needs to end and I need to be far away from what I can in dealing with that person and that persons new partner. While I know it will never end due to we have 3 wonderful children together. I want as little interaction as possible. Being partners in owning a home is not little. I made a huge error in allowing her to remain in the home in the first place and changes have been made without my permission as well. Horrible choices in colours for paints and wall textures. So before it gets to crazy get me out of the contract with some fair cash in my hands as my part of the investment. Shit should have been sold years ago.

Then I have made a choice not to reinvest in a home. I feel that coming up on 50, a 30 year loan is a bit crazy of an idea. Investing it might be the safest choice to have something when I get older. Might invest it in a business idea as well. I am working that out with people who know more about money than I do.

So coming back to the topic of our car. Well it is dead and that is okay what I was thinking was putting it up for a Trade. Seeing what people have to offer for it. Yeah it can be fixed, but the cost for me is not worth the time and effort. So I am going to take sometime this week and see what I can get for a bigger version of a Paperclip. I have already been offered $100 to just scrap it so now I have a starting point on the value of the trades. What to aim for that is above that price point is a win and you don’t have to just take the first offer. This might just turn out to be a fun adventure. Who knows where it can take us the Paperclip for the guy a house and a chance to be on TED talks. While being on TED talks is not my goal I have a few things I would love to make happen. We will just have top see.

Also on a side note I have a Patreon site with the first three chapters on my up and coming book. I have said that I am going to put a chapter up a month on that book for people to read before it goes to the presses. But at the same time on the 15th of the month I am also going to start putting up a chapter of a second book. So for a low price of $3 dollars a month you can enjoy my book before anyone else can. But if you are so inclined you can pay more but $3 a month is a bargain.

Then to top that off I am still working on my Podcasts which are going very strong. Why don’t you come and join me. It is becoming an adventure in itself as well. I answer questions from time to time on being Trans as well as a few other topics.

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