Too many Irons in the fire

Well I did it once again burned myself out, ha ha. I have been going so fast with so many projects that one had to suffer and it appears it was the blog. I am so sorry this blog has been one of my greatest loves in writing and something that draws me back to it over and over. While the pod cast has been stealing away attention from projects as well. But this month of August seems to have been one of my most action pack of my life. I am still struggling with my insurance on the car. I knew that was going to happen. I should have just canceled the damn thing.

But I also stumbled upon a bit of Trans healthcare that really set my mind in motion as I have also been experiencing some concerns with my own as far as over all health and progress of my Transition. This information added to my own research into my condition. As well as possible links to how it happened. Though not being able to have my own mothers healthcare records or even a desire to apply for them. I might be facing a small road block. Until I can find a way to access them. Which also might face road blocks from my family in the US. There are a number of Medicines that were given to women in the 50’s to early 70’s that have been shown to have caused birth issues some of which is Gender Dysphoria (I don’t want to use the term of Transgender).

I would like to share this video with others but I think we all need to take a step back and think for a bit that this is NOT a full solution or the complete solution if you are not happy with your transition. Not all doctors are as forward thinking as Dr. Powers. But becoming educated ourselves on what is going on with our own healthcare is vital. I have been very concerned as of late with the use of Spiro and its adverse effects on the body. As a whole the WPATH is a great starting point but with few changes over the years. Please also don’t view this also as a way to medicate yourself. You do need help from the medical profession. We are talking about blood tests and being reviewed on a regular basis. But please do use this as a part of your own education.

Be mindful that this video is 2 hours long. The first 30-40 minutes are very informative for the average person.


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  1. Fascinating lecture. He confirms what I’ve believed about drug side effects. Look at thalidimide! Thx for sharing.


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