Love this idea to me it is one of the best ways to link people together and it is not about some group on a ship that took over native lands.

Now for my message……

On Thursday in the US Friendsgiving should be taking place in many homes from Alaska to Hawaii. But keeping that in mind there are those who are LGBT+ and are not welcome home or they are homeless. There are things you can do…..

Make your dinner a bit bigger enough to provide for one extra person (or more if you can). Then invite someone who you might know is without.

Upsize your heart and make Friendsgiving about just that making and maintaining friendships. Setup a simple “Bring a plate”. Meaning that every person you invite to your home brings a dish of food. This way everyone chips in a dinner is simple to enjoy.

After all this is the season for connecting with friends.

Now lets look ahead a small bit what are you going to do on Dec the 25th?

Well let me add a challenge to you once again REPEAT what you did for FRIENDSGIVING. But step it up a bit Have a white Elephant gift exchange. Set a price tag of $10 and the gift must be in a box the size of 6″ x 6″ x 6″ (15mm) with a simple colour and a simple bow red in colour. Then mix up the boxes, yes there is a chance you might get yours back but that means buy something good. So be a good Santa and make it a moment in time that people won’t forget. Lift where you stand and lift someones heart as well.

After all this is the season of….

So lets you and I make it that way.

In closing I would like to wish each and everyone of my readers peace, love and contentment. I hope that you will find in your heart something or someone special. Learn to forgive others and bury the hatchet without leaving the handle sticking out. Find in your heart do something that no one would expect. Act out of love and kindness. From my family to yours we wish you all the best at this time of year.

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