The Choice

Good news to a point. With the exciting release of The Choice as well as the first retailer being Amazon. Here is where you can purchase it from them in the US (LINK). Though with that information there is a huge sad note. This is only a temporary way to purchase the book. As of June 2020 they are not shipping my book outside of the US. The reason I have been given is due to COVID-19. But you can order it the hard copy if you live in the US. If you are outside of the US you will have to be content to ordering the Kindle version on that “LINK” supplied. I would like to say I am sorry for the chaos created in this.


I have GREAT news for those outside of the US. I am current in talks with Ingram Spark to take over the printing and distribution of The Choice as they have world wide presses including some in Australia! So please understand that there will be two versions of the book but the content will remain the same in both books though I will not be providing signed copies on the US format of the book. We are however looking at two weeks out from starting production of the book in Australia. Sorry for that delay to those outside of the US. The cost will not change on the book. But I will be having a book signing but I have not set that part up yet.

Even Better News!!!

The Choice – Proxima Centuari, is underway and I will be working hard to complete this book in the series as soon as I can.

The Greatest of News!

Soon with the COVID-19 outbreaks being under control for over 14 days. I am looking forward to the day when the Human Library Project can resume. There are talks underway right now. What does this mean to you? Well that means I will be taking part once again with this amazing bunch of people working to inspire others. So if you buy a book and see me at one of the Events please feel free to ask me to sign it.

Last and best wishes to everyone keep yourself safe and healthy.

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