And I cried

For just one second look at what is going on in the US. Right now so many people are being hurt or worse killed in a place that claims to be the land of the Free. It is very sad to say that it is not free for everyone. For those who have died at the hands of the police they were not free. For those who are in the prison system in the US for crimes that were at the hands of the police.

I have watched the numbers of the dead rise and rise in the US from COVID-19 and the games that the the tool called President Trump. Who fans the flames of hate everyday and has done for his whole term of being President. We have seen at a time when all of the US needed a leader he once again was a coward hiding like he did during Vietnam. Yet people defend him like he is a hero. So let me introduce a few real heroes.

Here is a list of 30 Black heroes that have made our world a better place to live. Please take the time and follow this LINK . Learn about them and who they are.

Next I want you to look at these heroes. I want you two read this post about WW2 it is very simple and small but shows what many forget. Please follow this link and read.

Next take a look at these heroes from the Vietnam War. Follow this link.

This list can go on and on. We can look at how the US made it to the Moon. Follow this link. Then I can point out the wonderful heroes of the Native Americans and Hispanic Americans. Which for some stupid reason so many in the US ignore and hate just like Trump. Men and women who gave you a better life.
So yes I am proud to say Black lives Matter.
I am proud to say #IamAntifa because I know what my family gave to stand up to Hitler and his monsters.
IamAntifa because I am Transgender and when they are done with me they will come for you next, so I make noise!
IamAntifa because my family is Native American.
IamAntifa because my father lost parts of himself fighting for the rights and lives of so many people around the world.
IamAntifa because of my Nephew who did the same damn thing.
IamAntifa because my Great Grandfather saved my Grandmother (who was an Abused Native American Child), he was an amazing Sheriff (Oklahoma City, Oklahoma).
IamAntifa because so many gave so much in WW1 & WW2.

SO @realdonaldtrump you may have forgotten the heroes. You may lie to and forget the American people over and over again. You may lead many of the Police and others astray down a path of hatred. But I am not one of them, I remember my heroes. I remember the Heroes in my family Grover Robins, Aunt Bobo Robins, Fred Robins, Bill Robins, Edward Allen Nichols, Frank Jones and Coma-lee Robins. So you the people who choose to hate and forget what the oaths you took to protect and serve. You cannot even begin to be worthy to like the bottom of the boots of those who gave and those who gave all. No one is free until all are free.

I AM ANTIFA… (Mother Fucking Proud to be)

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  1. I am anti hate


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