The Choice **EXCITING NEWS**

Well there has been some exciting news on the distribution side of The Choice. Due to the US being a bit in Chaos thanks to Trump, COVID-19, and Riots. Amazon does not ship outside of the US at this current time. Which is really shitty action they have taken as they did not tell any Authors who were publishing with them.

This required me to source a new publisher and distribution network. Which I did do at some great cost to me. But that is par for the course of doing all the leg work. But in the end the rewards are a bit better. Something I am a like a little more. Amazon is still doing the E-copy of the book on Kindle.

ISBN – 9780646820330 The Choice can now be ordered through your favorite bookstore. It might take a few days for it to be an easy find, but if you give them the number, they can track it down as it is a new release. $13.99-$24.99 depending on the country where you buy it.

I kindly ask that if you chose to buy a paper copy of the book that you do so from a local book store. The more we support these local businesses the more local jobs we create. I switched my support network to Australia to support workers here.

There is also a revamped cover now.

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