I have an answer for everything, lol

I don’t promise you will like it. Below is a reply to a persons question that I was faced with. What you don’t see is the start of the conversation which was about Man and Woman being the only two genders. We talked a little bit about it. Then they asked me this.

“Why would people wish to transition from one sex to another?” Let me answer that for you so that you might understand.

If you were born colorblind never knowing what green grass looked like. What would you give for that chance to enjoy what so many take for granted?

Now for one more miracle. What if you were born deaf never knowing what the sound your baby will make? The sound of your loved one’s voice. What would you give if someone could give you that ability?

Let’s do it again. What if you could not walk but someone gave you the chance to do so? What would you give?

Now pull your head out of your ass and look at the Tran community who all their lives have dealt with their Body and Mind not matching. The self-doubt the internal struggles. The hate they see on a daily basis. Even some of their heroes like JKR say horrible things. What they have given to come close to that beautiful moment of peace is more than words or videos can really express. So why would they change knowing the Biology cannot be changed. The same reason the Person put on the glasses, the same reason a person gets the implant to hear. The same reason the person walked. We do it to live! Life is more than biology, we are more than the sum of our parts.

If you believe in a god and it does not matter which one then open your eyes and really look at what is being said about life and the lives of others. If you find hate and divisiveness may be something is wrong? If God created all of us, then he created ALL OF US. With our physical flaws and challenges. 100 years ago none of the above could have taken place. Those wonderful people involved in science and those who seek for solutions to better the lives of others have changed the world. Who are we to argue when they save our lives, give us eyes to see with, ears to hear with, the skills to walk so why is it so hard for so many to allow the Transgender community to live a good life?

The person then talked about Women Only Safe places and Women’s right being reduced because of Transwomen. I did get a little heated at this point. Here is my answer.

Do you think about your safe places? When every year the Trans community counts how many have died due to violence directed at them? In some countries, there is NO safe space for them. Do you really think any of the Trans community wants lesser for those that they identify as? That would make no sense at all. But yet I read time and time again people attacking or trying to hide their attacks (just like JKR).

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