I am Outspoken

I lost out on a job that I thought would be an excellent fit for. The reasons is that I was a bit “Outspoken”. I am okay with being “Outspoken”. At least you know what you get with me from the word go. I don’t hide behind belief structures that destroy lives. I don’t waste my time with those who can’t understand the beauty of life. I have even walked away from members of my family. When they believed my abuser rather that believe me. There is no excuse for abuse! But hey that is their choice and their loss. Yeah it hurt and still does. But I am Outspoken!

I live my life very simple I don’t need designer labels to make my life complete. My life is filled with the hugs of my children and their friends. I will sit with anyone on a bus! I will give more than I have to support a friend who I love and care about. I will break bread with anyone! Yeah I see your color and I think it is beautiful beyond words. I see you sitting as others pass you by I keep a $20 in my bag just for you (I wish I had more). I cry when I see so many people hurting others because they think it is their right to do so (Shame on you JKR). I cry at every life that is lost just because they were Trans. But I am Outspoken!

I stand up and say I am sick of Racism. I stand up and say proudly I am Antifa. I remember that my family gave so much over so many Wars so that I can say that (long live the Heroes who gave all)! I believe that Black Lives Matter! (I am not white don’t mistake the color of my skin for being so) I love to see when children don’t understand the colors of life (it warms my heart with hope). I never flew the flag of the Traitors or the Flag of the Nazi’s. It makes me sick that I see both of those alive and well in the hands of the generations of those who gave them their future. I think the thin blue line needs to be broken in the US. I am a good person, I expect the police to be better than I am. But I am Outspoken!

I am Transgender, I am okay with that. I don’t care what you are as long as you are a good person. I don’t believe in the terms Homophobia & Transphobia. You just are an asshole no branding it anything else will change that. But I believe you can change, but that is your choice. But I believe in the term BIGOT! (If the shoe fits wear it.) But I am Outspoken!

So if I lost out on a job because I am “Outspoken”. At least you know who I am and I will not let you forget it!

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