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all/ɔːl/predeterminer · determiner · pronoundeterminer: all; pronoun: all

  1. used to refer to the whole quantity or extent of a particular group or thing.”all the people I met”Similar:each of each one of the every one of the every single one of the every each and every every single the whole of the every bit of the complete the entire the totality of the in its entirety complete entire total full utter perfect all-out greatest (possible)maximum everyone everybody each/every person the (whole) lot each one each thing the sum the total the whole lot everything every part the whole amount the total amount the entirety the sum total the aggregate Opposite: no none of the little none nobody nothing
    • any whatever.”he denied all knowledge of it”
    • used to emphasize the greatest possible amount of a quality.”they were in all probability completely unaware”
    • the only thing (used for emphasis).”all I want is to be left alone”
    • (used to refer to surroundings or a situation in general) everything.”all was well”

Remember the above!

As an author I have to not only write something that is compelling but is truthful to the written word. What I mean by that is very simple if you write the following “All the boys were there” and change the word “All” the meaning will change. Or even remove the word “All” the meaning changes. All is a term used meaning every and complete.

I love being a writer, with every word I put down I can move the reader in a direction. But if I put down something like the word “All” and then I pick and choose things to leave out my reader will become lost. This will do nothing for me except to have them close my book and never read it again. That simple mistake can impact far beyond what the writer meant. So how does that link to being Transgender?

Remember what I wrote All means Complete.

In the US right now there are those who are for the majority are white who are saying “All Lives Matter”. But they are unwilling to do anything to support those who are saying “Black Lives Matter” they are unwilling to support the removal of dirty cops. They are unwilling to agree to equality in all forms. Does this mean that they do not understand the meaning of the word “All”? It is possible, but unlikely.

All means completely, that includes “All” colors, “All” ethnicity, “All” genders, “All” ages, “All” sexual attractions, and this list goes on and on. There is no end to it. But if you say this then you need to back it up with real action. Carry the sign with a Black lives Matter sign at the same time or better yet throw both of them away and carry the sign that says “Equality”. Fight for everyone to be equal and not just those who carry the power. Don’t allow celebrities to attack a group of society. Don’t alloy people to wear their hate on the outside of their shirts. Make a real stand, if all lives matter then you need to make sure that you support the woman who was raped. The child who lives behind a cage. The family that fled domestic violence. This list goes on and one as well. If you cannot support the word “All” then you did not mean what you said and the word “All” becomes a useless word that no one will trust coming from “YOU”.

So in conclusion of this thought. I am asking YOU to think. Is it “All” or “None”, because if you cannot include “All” then you should have “None”. No peace, no comfort, until “All” can have it. So drop your useless signs and carry the correct sign “Equality”. Fight for it, care for it and use its meaning like it matters. Because we are losing our rights to monsters. If we do not stand for Equality then we do not stand for any. That makes us one of the Monsters.

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