So you think, only two genders? (The Gender Spectrum part 1)

Well it is time to learn in one very simple chart and I would like to thank Scientific American (link). I am giving you this information just to enlighten many who might stumble on to my page saying there are only two and you are just mentally ill. I have done so much research as even I wanted to find the answers myself. As I have never been one for just accepting something without knowing the whole story.
This chart is wonderful with the amount of information given. take the time and really have a close read of it. If you are Trans take the time and copy the link and the chart. This really does shut down the argument that many like to give. Though I will say this is not a full answer to the comment we always have to defend against. There are many more issues in the spectrum. This is also a huge answer to people like JKR and her little science denying army.

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