Understanding The Gender Spectrum(part 2)

I understand that many people don’t fully get the argument of the “Gender Spectrum”. We have always been taught about the binary. Going to school when was the first time you were taught about Intersex? Now looking at porn is not an Education (I had to say it). When was the first time you were faced with an Intersexed icon/spokesperson? The truth is we really have not had that exposure. I felt that you need to be exposed to a person that can introduce you to some visibility of the spectrum.

The person I want to introduce you to is Emily Quinn. I really did not want to bring you a person who was not someone who was not a profession. I needed to make sure this person was well-spoken and easy to understand. I also wanted you to look at someone that would be soft on your eyes to understand that being Intersexed is not always visible. Though they do make up apx 2% of the world population. So without saying anything more I’ll leave you with Emily Quinn.

I might get some lash back on this but please before you go off and become a keyboard warrior just read a little bit more before you start in on me. Now since we can see the middle and the ends of Biological Physical Sexual Characteristics. Meaning Cis-Female > Intersexed < Cis-Male, what this shows is three genetic biological physical sexual characteristics. Or does it, Emily even says it herself that if she was dead and you found her bones 100 years from now you would say those bones are from a man. But mother nature is not always spot on. Emily was born with all the correct parts (minus a few) for her identity and by all purposes looks like a Cis-female. But later found out the answer to “Why?” in some of her health-related questions in her life.

This is where people like JKR lose their arguments of “Lived Gender”. What that means is because a Transperson did not grow up as a woman they cannot be a woman. Because they do not understand the pain of being a woman. When I look at Emily I see a woman she has not had surgery to become who she is. But none-the-less she is a woman through society’s eyes. But she has never had a period and she cannot become pregnant and her genetic markers show male. I hope you can now see the spectrum and the simplest argument for one.

I am not going to say much more as I want you to digest what she said about her life. Because that is far more important than me trying to provide you a bit of education about the gender spectrum. Next, when we return for part three we will be looking at klinefelter syndrome which is also on this spectrum, but more towards the CIS-Male side (Cis-Female > Intersexed <> klinefelter syndrome < Cis-Male). We will get to the point where this all ties into being Transgender. But I need to give you a solid footing for that conversation first.

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