Understanding The Gender Spectrum(part 3)

Welcome to part three on this subject as I said we would be looking at the condition called Klinefelter Syndrome. As I have been trying to educate you on the Gender Spectrum. Now I want you to understand I am using the term “Gender” very loosely. We are looking at physical sexual characteristics which are linked to Gender Identity. The more we understand about Gender the more we can get past the argument of “Only Two Genders”. Now before we dive into Klinefelter Syndrome I need to point out that looking at Biology is important. That it should not be ignored in the conversation of Gender Identity. Though it still needs to be looked at as a separate part. We cannot change biology on any level, but we can change how that biology impacts our existence.

Without going into to much more lets get down to understanding Klinefelter Syndrome. Where this resides on the spectrum is (Cis-female > Intersexed <> Klinefelter Syndrome < Cis-male). Each of these having their own and different chromosomal marker with exception of Intersexed. Meaning that Cis-female is XY, Cis-male is XX, and Klinefelter Syndrome is 47XXY. So let me introduce you to Ryan.

BTW I think he identifies as a Man and a good looking one at that.

In part 4 we will be looking at Turner Syndrome 45X. We are coming up on five genetic chromosomal markers which are on the gender spectrum. Once again I am using the term “Gender” very loosely. Most of what I am giving you information on it Physical Sexual Characteristics in a range of the human condition. I will be giving you a tie in to how this all relates to being Transgender. I first need to give you a better understanding of a wide range of the physical side of Gender. (Yes, I feel horrible using the term Gender loosely but I think you understand.)

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