Understanding The Gender Spectrum Part 4

Welcome to Turner Syndrome 45X where this resides on the spectrum is (Cis-female > Turner Syndrome 45x <> Intersexed <> Klinefelter Syndrome < Cis-male). Now remember we are looking at a spectrum of the Physical Biological Characteristics of Gender. Gosh that is a mouthful, but I am hoping you can start to understand that the use of the argument of only two genders (male-female) far from correct and narrow in scope.

I would like to say I was able to find the perfect video, but I was not so instead I am giving you two videos to watch. Missing an X is the human side I want you to see before you start to learn the deep stuff that explains this condition.

Here is the second video. It is a little bit deeper in the understanding of this condition though I really would like you to take the time and learn about it. After all you need to understand before we can dive into how this ties into being Transgender.

In part 5 we will be tying these parts together. I look forward to talking to you then.

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