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There are 1440 minutes in a day. Right now the death toll of COVID19 is 4.5 per minute. Did you think of that when you refused to wear a…

Coronavirus: wearing a cloth face mask is less about science and ...

Now I know that some of my readers are in the US. Right now in the US the death toll is 1 a minute. You can be a hero you can save lives. Wear a mask it is that simple a mask would reduce the virus being transmitted. Now I know that some of you have your excuses. But I am going to let you in on a small secret. Did you know that there are software’s that are designed to do facial recognition. There is a know problem that the governments are worried about. That being the software gets confused when a person wears a mask. BTW this is not deep state. I am giving you reasons to save lives. Simple right? Yea, so why are you so scared?

Think of the fashion statements that can be made!

Have a favorite sport team why not show it on your face mask.

Want to show your support for a cause (Black Lives Matter, Trans Lives Matter).

Want to match a outfit.

How hard is it to save a life?

Please put one on the life you save might be yours.

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