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As a writer and a published author I know just how difficult it is to get a book published and sold. There are so many different hoops that you have to jump through that it is scary at times. We all think that it is simple (at least I did at one point) write a story and send it away and people would buy my book. Ohhh I was so wrong on so many levels. There are ways to get your book seen and then there are ways to get you book seen as people must read why there is so much noise about it.

Psycho (1960) | Horror Film Wiki | Fandom

Recently there have been a huge amount of fuss and noise about a book and a writer who made a book that the major character was over done and written to death. The book was a copy of Psycho the film from 1960 with Anthony Perkins. The new book was not a direct copy of Psycho but it is enough that it is NOTHING new. We have seen this happen time and time again with movies and other books.

It was an amazing story created by the master of horror himself Alfred Hitchcock. In so much that I dare say that it is a film icon. Over the years we have seen remakes and copies of the plot such as The Silence of the Lambs. Which in it own right is an amazing film but the plot is still nothing new and was enough of a difference that it was not plagiarizing Mr. Hitchcock.

I bet you are wondering where I am going with this thought. When some authors write a book under a different name it is to hide and protect their other works. Recently we saw an author write a COPY of the idea of Psycho. The author was so scared of the issue of this book failing that they first wrote it under a Ghost name. In an attempt to hide that they wrote it as to not link it to their other works in case it failed. But then what they did was to attack a community that is depicted in the book by using stereotypes that are linked to this community. This is nothing new as well it used to be the media would demonize the black communities in this fashion. It only slowed down because the the voices who stood up against it became so loud. Though this time it was done is such a way to promote this horrid book that the community it attacked spoke up to say this is not right. But instead of it fighting a depiction of an stereotype it added fuel to the fire and people went out and bought it to see why.

The author was so pleased with the why the media circus was working for them that they added more and more fuel to the fire. Which enraged the community that it used in the first place. The author and the book has eroded the joy of the authors first works that were about inclusion and tolerance. It also shed a light on the author as a money grabber and a bigot for there media releases and the book that followed.

Why am I writing about this and what is the book? Well, I am not going to give light to the book or its author. But the reason I am writing about it is very simple. The information age (which we are in right now) can be used against us on so many levels because we have chosen to give power to negative advertising which drags down the collective morals of society. The Transcommunity ended up in a verbal war with someone who has more money and power that we gave them. I must say the more we say their name or read any of their books or even see any of their movies we add to their power. In the end this book that was written under a ghost name that would have died because it was a shit book. Now sits are the top of the New York best seller list. I know it is killing you to figure out what it is or even who wrote it. But avoid this temptation as all costs as you are being used. The Transgender community needs to learn that we should not allow ourselves to be dragged into such battles that only empower the monsters of society.

There is a story we should all learn from when faced with hate and I will butcher it if I try to we tell it in my own words. So just watch this simple video and learn about how we should have reacted from this author and the hate that they enjoy pointing at the Transgender community.

How can we learn from this? It is very simple it is to not allow others to have the power of hate that controls us to react in a negative way. We should have just ignored this bigotry that was coming from this person and the book would have failed as it should have. We created the burden that is now harder to get rid of compared to the easy burden of just ignoring the hate. Try this in your life when someone hates you. It may not change the way they are acting towards you but it will allow you to rise above their hate.

This is something to think about…. Take good care of you.

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