Random Acts of Kindness

I have always been a person who believed in random acts of kindness. It started so many years ago when I saw the power of this in things that I do. One of the reasons I am talking about this is that I would like others to enjoy the blessings of putting it in their lives.

I believe that the good deeds that you do return to you tenfold. They do not happen on our timelines but those of the universe. The more kindness we show the more frequently they are returned. Friday I was a bit sad as my children went for a visit with my ex partner. As I walked away from the bus stop the rain began to lightly fall. As I waited by the traffic light a gentleman stood beside me and I moved my umbrella to cover both of us. While this was a small act of kindness he noticed and said thank you. That for me was more than enough, but we both enjoyed the wonderful rain as we waited. I had some time on my hands and so I went to go get some onion rings. This is my favorite place to do this, they know me as a regular. But this time was different they asked about how Niamh and her surgery went. We had a wonderful chat as I waited for my onion rings. As I walked out the door I noticed a small message on my box of onion rings (this was not normal).

while this event might seem so small in the grand scheme of things. It was what I needed at that moment in time. Some might say that is a fluke and someone is just being nice. In my life it happens so much that I must say it is a payback.

Niamh was feeling a bit down after the surgery as the other parent was not there during or afterwards. But just then someone walked by and gave her a Dinosaur. They did not have to do this but I know my children also work hard on random acts of kindness. So this was a direct payback for her actions.

I knew that as I was getting on the bus to go home a mum and her baby needed to get on before me even though I was ahead of them in the line. I let them go ahead of me. Another small act of kindness, did it cost me anything, never. Do I expect anything in return? No then it is not out of kindness if I expected something.

The more kindness we show towards others it does come back. Sometimes in other simple acts of kindness. Sometimes in grand events like a Dinosaur. What can you do? Give it a try.

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