WEEK 2 of Advocates for Change

Hello all I know I wrote last week about not knowing much when it comes to violence towards women (I know what we all should know). But I did not write to much on how I felt from the moment I was asked to join this opportunity. If there is one thing I am at this moment in time and that is Humbled. I am surrounded by some amazing women in this class. I do not have permission to talk about them so I will pass on letting you know to much. I will end it with I am in awe of them.

One of the things that I have always been upset with as a Transwoman is when someone from my community is given and honor for just being. What I am meaning is when Caitlyn Jenner was given the woman of the year award. This really did leave a huge sour taste in my mouth due to the fact that I knew there was thousands who have done more and affected real change. The only reason she was given that award was for coming out and being famous. I felt like it should not have been done (I still feel that way). I thought that very issue concerning myself when I was asked to apply for this opportunity. Even on day one I felt that I did not belong there with these powerhouses of courage and then there was me. But then I started to think if not me then who? Who in my community would step up and be a voice? I did not hear about bunches of Transwomen applying for this chance. I then thought oh crap I am not polished enough for this opportunity. What if my rough edges are just too rough? I started to doubt my own reasons for applying and that of being asked to apply. There have been so many tears trying to come to terms with my role in this opportunity. But it hit me with an answer to all of my concerns last week when the yearly numbers of Transwomen killed in the world. Where is our voice? Why are our numbers not counted with other women each year that are killed. Could I really speak for those who have had their voices silenced? Do I dare to speak up?


I was concerned that my voice would be challenged by those who hold the idea of Transgender Exclusion. The more I thought of that happening the more I was able to link those actions towards violence directed at women in general. Today’s class we started to look at our talking points. I have a problem with Domestic Violence it has been in my families lives from day dot and now I am a focal point for it as I am Transgender. So I wrote the following as my points.
1) There is no excuse for abuse.
2) We must hold those who commit violence towards women accountable. (Mandatory Sentencing for those commit these crimes.)
3) We must encourage women to have as much education as possible, it lifts families
4) Recognition of Equality lifts society as a whole it is also key to prevention.

Prove me wrong I dare you. Prove my voice does not matter? Prove me wrong that the voices of Transwomen support all women around the world. Even if you think you can, your wrong.

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