Talk about a rough week

I had a plan to write something inspiring and uplifting but this was not my week at all. Infact, it was one of the hardest weeks in a long time. Though I am very blessed that I have been back down to a pain level of 5 for the whole week. The cane has had a bit of a rest and I have done a large amount of walking. I even had plans to start doing stairs again (exercise).

But the best laid plans of mice and… As you know we can plan all we want but life like to toss in a mixture of complications some are a welcomed surprise as others drain you of energy. Slowly step by step my youngest daughter is learning this very same thing as she heals. There is a sense of loss for her with not being able to do Jiu-Jitsu for a year. Though I must say her wounds are healing and the scars are looking amazing well healed. But we have had this wonderful time going to and from appointments. Where afterwards we enjoy some time having a lunch in town. Which is rather a nice time to just sit down and chat about how things are going for her. It is a very special bonding time with her. This week was rather rough of her she had to deal with the disappointment of her mother who she feels does not care about her. This took a lot of time to work with and in some ways her brothers are feeling the same thing. Which all I could do is just listen and offer suggestions based upon wisdom of the past. My daughter even called her oldest sister and was left with “Well you know that is mum and she is not going to change”. That was not the answer my youngest wanted to hear but it was what I expected would be said. I try my hardest to cut out my feelings on my ex when talking with my children. I want them to know that person based off of their own dealings with her.

My oldest son (at home) still wants more and more Jiu-Jitsu though knows he will never be supported by the other parent and is not at the point where he wants to make a stand to go without her help. He this week got a new GI for all of his efforts and dedication to the sport. We went with a black GI which he really looks sharp in it. I am glad to say that Hezekiah came with little drama this week. With the exception of wanting to use some wireless headphones of his sister.

I am taking the weekend off…

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