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I started learning about being an advocate for Engendered Equality working to add a voice on the topic of Violence Against Women four weeks ago. As I have been learning my eyes have been opened to so much. But one of the things that has shocked me has been the continued violence towards all Women including Transwomen. But in my readings I came across a blog that listed about 100-150 people in the transgender community that have committed crimes against women. What the site did not talk about was the fact that many of these attackers were already committing crimes against women before their self-identified gender. To which this creator of the blog also tried to show that all Transpeople were violent sex offenders. Without data to back it all up.

This only showed to the naked eye that she could be right. BUT in a community of 2% of the world population 200 people sounds like a big number. Until you look at the numbers. Two percent might seem high but when you take into account not everyone is out, it is rather close to being correct. In comparison there is 2% of the world who are redheads. Give you an idea on this number is just 156,000,000 and growing. I am not really great at math but damn 150-200 is such a small percentage. Even if you gave a margin of error you would still not have 500. I don’t have the time to compare it to the number of those who are transgender vs the other 98% of the world population. See how stupid it would be to judge just on these numbers alone. Yes, there are monsters out there in all of the 100% of the world population collectively. But you cannot just judge one group right? Because if we did that the numbers of men who have committed crimes against women might, just shock you.

10 Things You Didn't Know About Tears - YouTube

433,648 on average in the US per year (above the age of 12)

In Australia in 2019*

*Australia Bureau of Statistics [Link]

So look at those numbers again when you want to draw a line trying to connect the Transgender Community to Sex offenders. Those 200 people that person listed on that site were total not yearly. NOW look at those numbers again. Each year these numbers eb and flow but the average remains the same. While 200 is shameful it is NOT the same as thousands per year.

Australia's obscure coin laws | RACQ

But this was not the reason for this post. I wanted to show you a flipped side of the coin of all the good Transwomen and Transmen are doing all over the world. It is about time we put a positive light on this subject. So lets kick this off with…

Janet Mock (writer, activist, author, and former staff editor of People magazine)
Laverne Cox (Actor, producer, advocate)
Chaz Bono (Actor, Singer, Activist)
Andreja Pejić (Model)
Wendy Carlos (Composer, musician)
Lana Wachowski (American filmmaker, producer, comic book writer, screenwriter, Director)
Kim Petras (Pop Singer)
Chelsea Manning (whistleblower of US war crimes)
Dorce Gamalama (Entertainer)
Laura Jane Grace (Musician)
Jin Xing (Ballerina)
Georgina Beyer (NZ politician)
Dr Kalki Subramaniam (artist, writer and entrepreneur)
Catherine Mcgregor (Author, TV Presenter, Cricket Commentator, Australian senior military officer, Speechwriter, Member of the Order of Australia)
Eddie Izzard (Write, Actor, Comedian, Athlete, Author, and Activist) (Phew what have you done lately)
Rebecca Allison (Cardiologist)

3 Fatal Flaws of Failed Brand Storytelling - iAcquire

I am not going to give you an answer to everything. I would like you to take the time and have a look at this list that is ongoing [Link]. You might be shocked but I really only wanted to include those in the Transgender communities who are making a positive impact on society as a whole. I steered away from people like Caitlyn Jenner as I felt that they could not meet my personal list with “Positive Impact”. Just because there are monsters out there who might or might not be part of my community we are NOT all like those. No amount of scaremongering will dim the light of what these amazing people have done. You might even dare to ask what these people have done for you. A good amount of us have seen the Matrix movies and been entertained. Some of our freedoms have been secured by others. Your personal life could have been saved. Or even like myself who is an Advocate for Transgender Healthcare and an Advocate for Change (Violence against Women)(In Training). The list is huge of what some of these people have done. I would challenge you just to take the time and have a look at the list.

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