I know better

I thought I knew better but my actions on avoiding the advice I give to so many in my community and that is don’t read the comments. A lot of the time if you have a remote idea that there are going to be shitty anti-transgender comments, don’t read the comments. But it seems that as of late I am having an issue of taking my own advice. I start off by offering a bit of wisdom on the subject of bring Trans. But that never goes the way I was hoping it would. There is always a small group of asshats that think it is there right to bring up the topic of TREF’s and how the Transgender community attack them. But they bring this up at a point where no one was talking about them in the first place. Then the conversation devolves in to a blame game where every Transperson is a evil, sick, and misguided individual. Which about five or so post before that I had tuned out as I knew what was going to happen and I could not see a reason for wasting my time talking to them anymore. So I close with the same picture every time, even though I know it does not sink in.

Now I know that this approach is going to cause a few raised eyebrows and even a smartass backlash. You might even think that I am looking for a fight. When in the first place I was answering an incorrect statement that is not supported by the facts. I know that this is just like yelling at a rock to move. But I do it because I heard a quote “The standard you walk by is the standard you accept”. So do you walk away and do nothing or do you try to make a stand for what is right. You know that the rock will NEVER move. It will never happen because 99% of them don’t think they are wrong. They refuse to even accept even the possibility. I feel like we end up with video excerpt “If google was a man”

But I feel all we have to do is replace vaccine argument with the Transgender argument and the TERF bullshit. In some ways it is like trying to talk with a one track mind that has a mental disorder. None of them can seem to put forth a reasonable discussion on their points of view. Leaving me to think that the dumbing down of the education system is working. Leaving anyone who wants to just have a discussion about the original topic completely lost by the time they get to the bottom of the reply chain.

I mean I get it people are who they are and you cannot force change no matter how right your side of the topic might be i.e. horse to water. But I just cannot help myself. I don’t count myself as an activist but I am starting to see that I am a Advocate for Change. If that means I step up and say something I know that at least people know what I stand for and if they don’t like it that is fine by me. But I am no longer just going to stand by and allow attacks without merit on the WHOLE of Women (this includes Transwomen).

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  1. According to Mark Twain ” Never argue with an idiot. They will drag you down to their level and beat you with experience” 😂😂

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  2. What on earth is TREF?

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