Five years and all the changes

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Time fly’s by when you are not looking at it. I never thought that this project would as enjoyable as it has been. I have tried several different approaches to creating content. But always leading back to the blog. In that is a blessing, a piece of solid ground to build upon. There have been times where life has drained me so much that I am unable to find inspiration to create content. I have also looked at the world and thought why do it. No one seems to be growing people just seem to be stagnate in that the same hatred seems to be all around the topic of being Transgender. In some way this hate has continued to grow. To which I am not fully sure as to what is the main reason for the growth.

So many times the world has talked about not accepting the violence that surrounds the topic of femininity (1). This year I even took the time to become and advocate for change in regards to Violence towards Women. The idea that my journey and creating this blog was designed for was to be a voice to show that being Trans is not what the media like to portray. Where I had also hoped that it was to bring hope to others that it is not always going to be so bad.

I have been concerned as of late that many of the younger generations who are Transgender are missing a lot of the finer points of life. As well as the responsibilities of being in it. I have even seen some negative behaviors that also exist in other parts of Feminism and its movement for equality. Such being the issue that some people think that it is okay to drag down others to lift no one. That being feminine is a trait that only some should have that it is sub-servant to men. Then there is a movement of some to not only lower themselves to those whom are the antithesis of all that makes a good person. This as a whole demeans the issue of feminism and what it represents.

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I have also seen as of late on all sides of the topic of femininity a reason to classify/label others. We have seen three labels that have appeared in the last few years all of them are horrific when used. I am not saying that one of the terms is not warranted but the use of it does no one any good. These terms being Transmedicalist (2), TERF (3), and Truscum (4). We have also seen a number of people who have the thought that they know MORE than the whole medical science community. Who do their best to help those in the Transgender community. While to some point the self identification might seem like a step in the right direction it is most certainly NOT. The more we involve the medical community the more we are able to advance how treatment is created and administered. Continuing on with those who think they know more than decades worth of science and the medical community. We have seen the rise of those who are willing to deny the science around being Transgender. Who also use pseudoscience to try to prove alternative facts which since 2016 and the rise Trump has grown.

Where am I going with this?

2020 has been a real shit of a year! In saying that I want to make a real change in 2021 for the blog and Being Trans. As you might have noticed that the Podcast was taken down. The reason for that is that it was getting away from what I really wanted it for. Which was to support the blog and this website. In January 2021 there are going to be a lot changes as well as a new podcast still with the same name Being Trans. I must maintain that I am NOT and activist in any way shape or form. You will never seen me walking up and down the street with a sign saying what do we want (**&&^) when do we want it (&%^&***).


I will continue to bring as much information as I can as well as some new content based upon advocacy and violence towards women and femininity. I will also be including advocacy in regards with violence towards the Transcommunity as a whole. I think it is important that we do call out violence towards femininity in all its forms and to use the hash tag #NoExcuseforAbuse which if you did not know is part of OurWatch [Link]. I know that many of my readers are from outside of Australia but that does not mean we cannot use this hashtag everywhere. We need to raise more awareness to the violence towards Women and those who are femininity which includes Transwomen.

Please keep and eye on the changes that coming.

(1) Qualities or attributes regarded as characteristic of women.
(2) Someone who believes that gender dysphoria or Gender incongruence (5) is necessary to be transgender. May or may not be trans themselves. An alternative term for truscum.
(3) A queer individual that holds the belief that you require gender dysphoria to identify as transgender.
(4) trans-exclusionary radical feminist: an advocate of radical feminism who believes that a trans woman’s gender identity is not legitimate and who is hostile to the inclusion of trans people and gender-diverse people in the feminist movement.
(5) Gender incongruence is defined as the mismatch an individual feels as a result of the discrepancy experienced between their gender identity and the gender they were assigned at birth (GIRES, 2018, 2018).

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