The Kids Aren’t Alright

Got your attention?

First off this post is because of one special young lady Chloe.

With that out of the way lets get going…

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No the kids aren’t alright they are in fact, Amazing. My son’s best friend in the whole world is Chloe. The sun rises and shines on this wonderful friendship. While at times Gabriel can be a bit flaky he is very loyal to Chloe’s friendship. Chloe is one of the few people in this world that can just walk right in the front door of the house and be welcomed as one of my kiddos. She has always known me as Ally and as Gabriel’s dad. But after seeing her in town she sent me a message asking me “just realised but would u like me to say gabriels dad or mum??”. I have never forced my children or their friends to use any sort of language or pronouns when addressing me. In fact I am okay when they call me Ally. So I replied “So you know what makes you so special? Is that you cared to ask. I will leave it up to you and what makes you comfortable. Though I do use she/her pronouns.” Chloe is a very smart young lady and her reply was just as wise as I have always known her to be “ok ill say ur gabes mum”. BTW there are only a few in this world that are allowed to call Gabriel “Gabe” most are NOT.

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Let me make this clear, I do not say I am my children’s Mother. I played a very important part in the creation process of my children and I respect my ex for her part in the creation of these wonderful children. But that is as far as it goes. Though I understand that at times it is a bit weird for others to look at me and use male descriptive language. I have always allowed others to address me as they feel most comfortable. I pick and chose which battles I want to fight. But in saying that I hope that in time they will adjust as I do not fit male stereotypes and pronouns. THIS WORKS and it proves the character of the person I am dealing with. If you are able to adjust and show me respect I in-turn will show you the same respect. I have always been like this. My children also address me as they see fit, others just have to deal with it.

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I am not a unicorn, I am not a Helicopter, and I am not a six foot tall man. I am however a Transwoman who uses Female pronouns and I am a parent. I am also not someone who uses MX as a pronoun in correspondence.

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But let us get back to my main point the kids are not alright they are doing far better than adults. We have become gender police, bigots and assholes on subjects that the kids are just going with what is right. They use the Beatles song let it be as a very simple motto of just letting something or someone “Let it be”. I only wish adults could learn what they have already learned. I was even sadden to see that a national (US) organization that has had an event that required them to act on [Link]. Children are not born with hate in their hearts. The hate is taught to them by adults. It is also at a time where we should all be pulling together. Some have said not to read the comments. But I did take the time to read them to see what was the responses were. I was so proud of all the kind voices, but disheartened at the negative ones. Read them if you want and be forewarned as it is forearmed.

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