Here it is once again… The Holiday Season

Here is my gift for you. I bit of kindness and wisdom wrapped in a neat little box. All you have to do is open it. Each year we talk about the same thing. There are those in this world who are in the LGBT+ communities. Who for whatever reason might not have a home or a special place to call home for a holiday dinner. To feel the love that is shared with those who care.

Five years ago we started a new family tradition of opening out home up for those who might not have the above. Each year we have been blessed to enjoy great company and kind hearts. This year is no exception we will be doing it once again. Our home will open to two different families. Our Christmas dinner will be on the 19th and people will roll out of the house full as the turkey’s are stuffed.

Now I would like to ask each person that reads this to do something for someone to that would not expect you to do it. Here is a group that has a goal that is dear to my heart. If you want to know how you can save lives. Get in touch with these amazing ladies and support their efforts.

Join them or make a donation to support all their efforts. Last thing to close out 2020 posts. Should you need help and you are in Australia here are some crisis numbers. We all know that the holidays can be rough. Even more so when you feel alone. Just always remember we see you, you are listened to, and you are valued. Please take good care of yourself.

*If you are outside of Australia here is a link to worldwide crisis numbers [Link].

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