Jan 2021 Changes


Thank you for taking the time and following this project of mine over the years. Right now thing might be looking a bit on the bland side. We warn that changes were coming and good things take time. Right now there are tons of things going on behind the curtain. I am excited to talk just a small bit about some of them in this post.

Over the years this site has given me the wonderful chance to enjoy writing. It may not have helped with my dyslexia but I still enjoy all the wonderful work I have put into it.

So the first thing you might notice is the opening page is BORING but in a few days the buttons that you can see now will change to reflect the new design and content that is going to be filling this page. As you can see there are three current buttons that are The Blog, Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ), and the second version of the Podcast. Currently the new look for the FAQ page is taking form and I encourage you to please take the time and have a look at the new style. We have been working on separating the main areas of questions that I have received over the years. These areas are Trans-Female, Trans-Male, and Transgender Children.
It has always been my goal on this site to bring a bit of common sense and understanding about the subject of Transgender. In conversations with my team we chose to divide the FAQ’s in an attempt to reach a larger audience. We also know that the subject matter around Transgender children needs to be handled with great care as there is so much misinformation about this subject. We will be seeking outside assistance in some of the questions that are being asked in this area. We will also be turning to a few parents of children to also address these questions as well.
One of the areas that we will also be adjusting is the blog section of the site as well. We will be giving it a fresh view with new links to secondary pages that many have come to love and enjoy.

With so much work going on behind the scenes we are also in need to change how the site is funded. The First idea of this site was to keep it free for everyone to learn and enjoy. We plan on keeping this model but start to focus on the how we can afford the new upgrades that we have been planning. We will now start to focus our advertising over this coming year to help with the site and all the work that goes into it. Kindly ask that you just take a few seconds and click on a link or two to helps us keep going.

One last thing, we are all NOT out of the danger of COVID-19. I once again ask you to spare a thought for all of those who lost their lives in 2020 to this horrific event in our lifetime (1,796,235). Please I value each and everyone of you my readers. So please take good care of yourself listen to our doctors and not the politicians who have done such a horrible job in protecting us. If you can afford it send a Pizza or Drinks to the frontline workers. Do something for them they need our love more than ever. Next and the biggest ask of all, but so simple. It is time for each and every person to Mask-it-up, Wash your hands, and Try not to go out unless you REALLY have to.

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