Things are underway

Time is never a fun thing when working on site. On Saturday we re-launched the Podcast with out first episode. The change will be very noticeable as well as some of the content. There has been several parts of the website that have been completed or at least started. In the Evidence page has had several topics that have had content placed in them.

The FAQ section has seen so much content and it is exciting to it taking shape. As I answer or place all the answered questions that I have been asked over the years. I know that there is not a large amount of information in the Child section or the Trans-male section. This will come in time.

The Podcast page has been put in place with the names of the first 4 episodes. Each episode will be released weekly on Saturday (Australia Time – I live here).

I will also be making a post on the progress of the site every Monday. Other posts will be created as I see the need. Just remember that there is a contact link if you have a question that you have not seen that you would like an answer for.

Categories: 2021, Site News

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