Rest in Peace

I never wanted to make a page like this but last year 44 people in the Transgender community were killed in the US alone. One that I know of in Australia. There is shocking number of Brazil where over one hundred were killed.

I really am at a loss for words for all the killings. Add that in with all the cis-women killed it is truly an epidemic problem. If the issue is one of perception. then we need to ask ourselves if that perception is based off of hate for femininity. Which is then focused in outward hate towards all things feminine. If it is based off of inward hate for an improper illusion of manhood then we must ask ourselves if that person is dealing with a mental disorder. Or the issue of religion might also be a part of this toxic level of manhood. Because lets be honest the killings of those in the Transgender community are done by mostly men with some ill rational belief that it is to stop the sin. Or that because they feel that they are less than “Real” men because they are in love with a Transperson. What is even worse is the fact that most of these killers are NOT caught by law enforcement. Or if they are there is loopholes that allow them to have little or no accountability.

Then what makes this even more sickening is the comments from all sides (demographics) of CIS born women. “Yeah we know how you feel, welcome to the club.” This is not something any woman CIS or Trans should feel. But part of that sickening feeling is that there are still some in the feminine community that do not like those in the Transgender community. Which supports and assists in violence towards all of those in the Transgender community.

Where does this leave the problem? Accepting the issue of violence towards any community is NOT acceptable. Forgetting that it is happening or ignoring the facts that it is happening in enabling the act of violence towards all femininity as a whole. Because one cannot separate the violence directed at either group.

But then we hear that there are Transmen being killed and it once again comes back to the issue of the killing of Femininity as a whole. Even though Transmen are NOT women. In some circles of thought is that Transmen are welcomed into the “Man Club” and are allowed to use the “Man Card” until they are found to have been Transgender. At such time the passive aggressive and unconscious bias become acceptable to the attackers. Some of that violence pouring out in murder.

This page is NOT the first page to be created addressing the need for an end to the violence. Sadly it is also not the last.

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  1. Ally, some people seem to think that some trans people are mocking the gender that they are identifying with. JL

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    • Mocking to say making “fun of”. Would make little sense as we live as our true selves. Honest to the last breath we take. It is sad that excuses such as the gay defence have been used. When in the end these types of individuals are at the very core monsters.

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