I might say I’m not very political but the truth be told all I really would love to see is people happy and taken care of.

Today was the first time in felt hope in for years. I’m not a fan of what took place in the US. I saw so much change all for the worse. So much hate seemed to boil up. The last year it felt like a government that wanted people to die. I watched the death toll rise in more than just covid. I felt so broken everytime I saw another story of a Trans person being murdered.

I watched hate filled stories directed towards my community. The rejection of truth for less to foster more hate and anger. I watched a man so full of hate on his last day in office continue his attacks on the LGBT+ community. Even knowing what he made would be undone in 24 hours.

I watched the new president of the US. Lift my heart as he started to undo the hate. I hope that we are not to late to undo the damage to the environment. Our children need us to step up.

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