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If people ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes, I just roll my face on the keyboard and hope for the best. No I would not do something like that. I have been spending some time reading and reading (pain in the ass for a Dyslexic). I have added a bunch of articles in the Scholarly Articles section of the Evidence page.

I did receive a question about the use of studies outside of the US. The person appeared to be concerned that only studies in the US should be used on this site as the US is the world leader in research.

My Reply

I don’t want to be blunt, but what the…(censored). There is quality research being done all over the world trying to understand what makes each and everyone of us unique. We are just now unlocking some of the secrets of the human genome. That research is being done all over the world. Some of it even ties in with why some of the Transgender community has a problem with A+B not equaling C. Some of the research also being done by collaboration with US scientists. So if there is a study that I can find and it helps support others in the Transgender community I am going to use it.

Just some you know I am not going to put this question in the FAQ section. I never want to see it again.

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