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Well I guess you can say that I have been as busy as a… Right now there are links top over 70+ scholarly articles that have been listed in that section. Some times even I am surprised just how much professional based research that has been done. I know at the 70+ is just the tip of the iceberg.

I want to point out that in the sports section there is a study that is recent and it is not favorable. Please understand that I will only post peer reviewed or respectable organizations. If there is unfavorable we still need to learn from those. But to be honest, there are not many of those that are from respectable organizations or creditable sources.

I do not want people thinking that the information that I am reading and listing is anything other than for educational purposes. In answering the question “Why do I have to be born like this?” and “Why does A+B not equal C for me?”

I also want to point out that the podcast is up and running once again. I am trying to find good subjects to talk on. Should you wish to know something about being Transgender and would like it addressed on the Podcast use the “contact me” feature. I would also like to hear from you about how the site is going. What would you like to see some focus on.

As creating this site and upkeep of it takes money and for a number of years I have been doing it out of my own pocket. Never complaining about it because this is a act of love and understanding it is getting time to ask for a bit of help as it has dug into my surgery fund. Covid has also made it harder than expected when it comes to public speaking. I need to put the Patreon back up and ask if you can spare a few coins here and there. I am not going to put things for members only at this point. I am not someone who can spend the extra time to do that. I might soon start using Twitch for some fun as well. Playing a few games here and there.

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