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Did you know that I have over 600+ blog posts. I have been going through them and fixing some of the problems due to the new site and the layout. I love the new look of the site with this upgrade the posts are getting a breath of new life. It is wonderful to see so many different changes that have taken place of the years. As a dyslexic writing and reading is one of the hardest tasks for me. But in saying that it is a passion of mine to share the knowledge that I am finding. As a result I am growing in my ability as a writer as well as how to express it. But there is rewards in struggles. I have enjoyed making this site as a gift of love towards others in my community.

I am currently working on the SEO side of the site as well trying to make this creation a wonderful tool for anyone to use. I never thought reading so many scholarly articles would take the wind out of me. It got to a point last week that I thought my head was going to explode. I know that some of the information is not always good news i.e. issues on sports. But there is a HUGE problem with that at the moment. I have even had to have a second look at the information as well as the humanitarian side of the issue. You see I don’t buy into the whole “save women sport” ideals but at the same time I also don’t buy into the idea that some in the Transgender community should be patriating in those sports based on a number of factors. Finding the information on all sides of the issue is proving to be difficult at best. I think in the end I am just going to turn to a good friend who is also a Transwoman and used to play women AFL (Australian Football) for a better understanding and maybe some guidance as to where I can find more information.

I am also trying to find more information on De-transitioning and the bigger picture. I have leant to the side that most of the time it is based off of the pressures of society or misdiagnosis from a medical stand point. But I am also concerned about those who are self identifying who feel the medical profession does not know as much as they do. I mean if you think about it and your look at it with a clear set of eyes you can see what I mean. Could you see a person going to their doctor and say I have Cancer and I want drugs for it. Doctor give the drugs and the person dies because they did not have cancer. I know that example is a bit extreme but really it is on the same level.
we are not talking about weight gain and wondering why the new hormones have made us plump up. It does not take a rocket scientist to figure out that you need to cut back on all the food you are eating or you need to use more of the energy. One or the other has to be done.
But in saying that De-Transitioning is very serious and we need to know as much as we can about “Why”. As it is being used as a weapon against the Transgender community. Once you take away the power of the mystery and you drag it into the light then it cannot be used as a weapon. But it can be used to help others better understand what being Transgender is all about. Okay, where is my rocket science degree?

I am also about to work on an evidence section about Transgender Children/Youth. There are a lot of misconceptions about the information as well as what parents are going through in dealing with a child who does not fir into the gender binary norms of society. I was a Transyouth who was not understood and was subjected to conversion therapy. As you can see that did not work, ha ha ha. But we cannot afford to ignore the issues that lie behind the subject. I do have an amazing friend who has a child going through the struggles and I will be reaching out for her help real soon.

One of my other concerns is why in so many places (i.e. TASMANIA) why is the group that is the ones who help the transgender community so far in the dark ages. It seems that we are stuck in a rut of medical treatment that is/has not improved for a very long time.

Well I better end the post here with a reminder that I will be taking donations soon at a patreon site again. That the Podcast of Being Trans is back up and running well with 5 episodes under the new format.

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