DaNgErOuS GrOuPs

In the evidence page of the site there has been some work done. A page has been setup for everyone to see all the hate groups that are out there. There is so much negative energy focused towards everyone in the LGBT+ community by these groups. I continually ask myself why? To me it really does not make a lot of sense. I even question those in the communities that are not white why so much hate? I cannot understand why a group of society like those in the black communities of the world could be angry with those in the LGBT+ communities (it does happen). I just do not understand why the need to be so hateful at another minority who supports you fully.

But to be honest if we look at these groups the vast majority of their members are WHITE people. A group that has nothing but privilege’s at its very core. What might even be more shocking is that possibility of people we know and love might belong to one of the groups listed. They might not even know that they are members of a hate group to begin with (hard to believe i.e. million moms). Now in saying that it does not mean that you are part of the problem unless you are unwilling to change. But that choice of change must start with education.
Though as I have said it before I love this quote “The Standard you walk past is the Standard you accept”. This quote holds so much power in the simple words as well as the meaning of the hidden truth that lies in between those words. We hear so many groups TRY to quote the bible and then they forget that there is a part in it that talks about Judging. I look at that quote and I read the hidden words of “You are judged by your actions as well as your inaction.”

What does that really mean for the issue? Well understanding who and what are involved in these groups helps us understand them. I am a firm believer that no one is ever born with hatred in their hearts they are taught that. Teaching something that is wrong can be reversed if you teach the person correctly. But you need to understand that regardless of your teachings you will never change a persons mind only they can do that. But you need make sure that you are a good messenger for the truth. Screaming at a person about being incorrect makes you look like a fool yelling at a large stone “MOVE”. It is never going to move. Sure you can stick some explosives around it but you cannot do that to people. You have to give them a reason for change. A lot of the time it is as a simple as you being a good person. I know someone who LOVES to go around saying that I am a horrible person. It does not work as many others know me to be a good person and like me for who I am. They speak louder than anyone else could ever say anything negative about me. On top of that when those that have heard I am a horrible person find out I am not. They normally act very shocked to find it out for themselves.

So how does what I have written about someone telling negative things about me link to hate groups/dangerous groups? Well very simple, no matter how much noise these groups make the truth lies in each and every person who does the exact opposite of what those groups are saying. If they are saying we are sinful and are going to hell. Then you do good things and uplift others. At some point those that hate will lose when more that know the truth outweigh the lies.

But you need to know who they are. You need to make sure that you are not involved with those groups. Every LGBT+ person should already know that the Salvation Army is NOT a friend to our communities. So when it comes to making donations or helping out, avoid them. Find a group that is worthy of the magic you bring. Others might even say “Well they do a lot of good”. Let me ask you this what harm is being done at the same time and does it erase the good that is done? This is very truth for every group on that page. No amount of doing good will erase the harm that is done by them.

BTW There are going to be those in these group that will argue when you show them the sun they WILL say it is the moon. They will do this until the day that they die.

p.s. It’s not flat!
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