Name Change?

Time still movers forward in life as it does with ideas. When I created Aleana’s Journey it was all about me and my journey in my Transition. As thing do change so has my goals for this site. I have turned my attention more towards providing information information about being Transgender both on simple, direct, and educational. As I have seen a lack of focus in doing that with other sites. I want this site to save lives of my community. I have been looking at a few changes for the name and I was wondering what you my readers might think as well.

I will look at this poll over the next week and adjust accordingly.

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  1. Hi Aleana,

    I voted for you to keep the same name. The way I see it is that providing this information is part of your journey, and if you continue to post about your personal journey it would also be accurate. Just my busy body opinion.

    The best to your, Stephie (Pronouns She/Her)

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