With a heavy heart

A while back I made a choice to change this site to save lives. I wanted to create a space where the evidence was accessible for all to see and to make an informed understanding of all that is Being Transgender. I also chose to make a page to track those who have lost their lives just trying to exist. It is with a heavy heart to announce that in the US alone six people in the Transgender community have been murdered in 2021 so far.

The reason I am showing the US is this is the one place on this earth that boasts Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness in the United States Declaration of Independence but it seems that is not true for the Transgender community.

Australia fares only a little better we lost only one person from the Transgender community in 2020. I hope we can have zero in 2021.

So many places around the world are just NOT safe for those who identify as Transgender. We need a change and a stop to the killings. Next time you have something negative to say about some community or someone. Are you ready to have your hands stained with the blood of those who were killed? No one is born to hate you are either taught or you create that hate out of misunderstanding and ignorance.

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