Did you know?

I am not sure if you do?

For two months the podcast has been up and running. The format is listed every week on the podcast page with what we are talking about on the show. Why not take the time and give a listen. There are and will be tips for all genders as well as answering questions about being trans. Always remember that the only way out of ignorance is through education. Such a simple statement but holds true on all things.

Something about Dangerous Groups page…

I have received a LARGE number of requests about add certain groups to the page. Most of these groups have been Churches. From Evangelical to Mormonism they are filled with both active and passive hate. As well as unconscious bias or even outright bigotry. If I listed every church I could be writing a very long time. So, in saying that I am going to only focus on those that make so much noise that we cannot miss their actions.

But I need to say this incase you might have overlooked this simple tip when regarding churches. Until you know assume that they are anti-lgbt+. Think about that for a little bit and remember that Christ rebuked those who were about to stone a woman. Also try to remember that just because you may not believe in their religion it does not mean you have to lower yourself to their level by not being respectful. Respect is never a bad thing, it shows who you are more than who they are.

I will say this those that preach hate are missing the point of what they believe in.

P.S. Nothing is every free the spice must flow…opps wrong website. But as you will notice Patreon is showing up in the posts and on the site. I have to pay bills to keep this creation up and running. I would be thankful if you could just find it in your heart to help support this project.

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