What if you’re wrong?

I hear this question more than you might think. It is usually followed by something to do with God (Christian). At some point I wish people would stop asking this question. It is getting a bit old, I am pretty sure that in the 600+ post that I have written I have addressed this at least once. But, being that no one else asked a question lets have a go at this old one once more. Even though I am more sure now than I have ever been on it.

First let me put this out there. I give you the right and respect to believe in whatever or whoever you wish to believe in. Though in saying that as long as you are not interfering with my life. Once you cross that line it is a free-for-all no holds barred answer. Which you might not like to hear as I will tear you down to a point that you will question your own understanding of your belief structure. Sorry but not sorry this is the way.

As to the question asked, trying to answer this without sounding like a prat or a non-believer is very difficult. You see I do believe but not that way 99% of believers do. I believe that we are far to great of a creation to be a one off limited edition.

Should I arrive to have a meeting with a creator then we will have a talk. You see all my life A+B (my mind and my body) did not like each other equaling in C (contentment). I would site down and ask “why did this happen to me” then I would follow that up with “All my life I have wanted my body to match the way I think. Can you please fix that and lets have a second go at doing this right, please?) You see I respect the idea of a higher power never expecting something from them. As for me it has never proven to be a fair give and take with churches.

So I will leave it as it is and wait to see if the creator is a loving and caring one. Do you see how this can be just that? It is between my creator and me not anyone asking this question.

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