Work Loads

Why is it when you look at pictures for blog posts about work that 90% of the time women who are working look like they are having the best day of their life? What is up with that we all know the truth that the reality is sometimes there is not enough coffee in the world to make a day right. If you only knew how much work goes into making a site you would never do it unless it was a passion.

Oh yeah, it is my passion to make this site not only informative but simple to navigate as well. So don’t mind me if you ever come to my home and I look like something close to this… After spending hours reading new studies trying to figure out how to put them onto the site. As well as trying to fix the old post with the new format that I have. Then I need to work on the SEO and make sure that is correct. I do love this site more than most will know as I have taken the time and looked at so many others. Sometimes walking away thinking am I going in the right direction for my dreams of creation.

Next week I am going to go meet with someone to see what I can do to turn a profit out of this site without having people pay for the information. Which I will never do as I want to end the attacks on my community from so many different sources. Many of which seem to have their brains turned off and replaced with a hate machine. There are so many things that one can do with all that energy. I know it seems a bit nuts to do this all on my own that is why I am hoping next week’s meeting will help.

I want to be a happy worker even if I am the only one. I want to know all my efforts are going to pay off in the end. I feel this overwhelming desire to save lives by what I am making. Focusing on doing that is my priority (after my kids). I was thinking of designing/creating some apparel to see in a store. Though I am trying to figure out a way to use my favorite catchphrase “The only way out of ignorance is through education.” It is a bit wordy and long almost too long for the 60 seconds someone might read it. I don’t think Being-Trans is a great shirt. Might do a slogan called “Educated Being” or even “Educated Existence” then small letters the site address. It is still in the draft idea stage. Once again leaving me looking more like…

Well, I need to get back to work so I will let you do the same thing. Time to clean the house, kids, and the life of being a single mum.

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