Maybe I spoke too soon

There are no photos in this piece as my thoughts are black and white. There is also not one photo that can be used to enhance this subject.

As you know there is a page in the education section that talks about dangerous groups. I wrote a post a week or so ago. In which I thought making a choice not to list churches in that list due to respect for something that I’m having a hard time justifying continuing. Within the last 24 hours two churches have launched attacks on LGBT+ parents and adoption. Disguising their bigotry with concerns for the child.

I know that there is tons of kids that would just love to have someone in their lives that cares for them. I also know a ton of LGBT+ parents (including myself) who place their childrens well-being at the forefront of their lives.

There is ample evidence that children still grow up and well adjusted. In fact the most amazing thing is that those children grow up understanding equality better than many of their peers.

I am also drawn to the issue of senator Romney who used his belief structure to vote against equality legislation that would protect those in the LGBT community. His excuse was that he could not justify it because of his beliefs. We have even seen other political parties focus on attacking those within the Transgender community.

I’m just concerned that the page will look more like an attack on religious organisations. Which is not my intentions. As I firmly believe that it is your right to believe so far as it does not interfere in the rights of others. Which I cannot say is being shared by these organisations.

I’m also corned that even at the core of some religious organisations their text days nothing about being cruel to another living being. Yet they willingly go against that. That willingness to ignore creates a questions of are they safe.

I have also adjust the dangerous groups page to include political groups or leaders.

I’m still concerned that this page will grow out of proportions. In Even this post is a concern for me as the need is larger than is acceptable. I am also someone who has loved ones who are members of one of the religions that I find highly objectionable. I do not wish to cause them any undue stress about my listing their belief structure as dangerous. But I am also aware that the cold hard reality is that it is starting to feel like the Transgender community is being hunted as easy targets for violence in many locations around the world. While politicians willfully do nothing to stop this type of violence. The truth of the matter is that even some of them support this type of violence. I am even more concerned that in the US there is an larger amount of killings that continues to grow from year to year. I am still led to think that if you are going to promote harm towards the Transgender community by either action or unconscious bias. I am going to name and shame you on my lists. This violence needs to stop and I am more and more led to feel that this violence needs to be included with all violence towards all statistics that are involved with violence towards women.

What will it take for more people to give a damn? How much blood can be spilt and remain on the hands of those who hide it, falsely report it, and do nothing about it?

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