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There is very little exception to this act. I’ve been thinking this might be a poor choice by the transgender community as a whole. Now I’m am also pointing the finger at myself in talking about the issue.

Why do I view this a problem?

Think on it this way, one of the biggest problems is that we as a community wish to be accepted for who we are. But yet we show off old photos of who we used to be and expect people to not only gender us correctly, use correct pronouns, give us the same rights, but also stop killing us. To me that is one of the biggest issues that I think having photos of the past to present might be creating a burden that we are forced to carry. But we willingly did it to ourselves. I know and you know that we also did it to say “I have come a long way to be me” and “Look at me now”. Both of these reasons are very valid due to the struggle so many of us have gone through. To make our lives better and to help others who are not as far as we are. Those photos give hope to so many but at the same time it might be an anchor that is dragging us down.

So what should we do?

I can only offer my suggestions based on what I think might be a part of earning Respect, Kindness, and Understanding. I think if we remove the photos from the past we might be able to remove ammo to the weapons to fight the war that so many of us face, Our Safety. If there is not something to say what our past looked like in these photos we might be eliminating some of the reasons for Toxic Masculine behavior that is being directed at us. Though I still must add if you are serious about someone they need to know. We also need to ask what will it take for all women who are branded with the label “TERF” to just let our community exist.

There are a lot of questions and actions that must be taken one small step at a time. We must also resist replacing these photos. If we are trying to give hope by use of photos we might be heading in the wrong direction. We should be supporting our community by showing signs of success based upon what we are currently doing in our communities as a person. The idea of lifting rather than allowing us to be torn down. I am also saying that this might not work but we all have to try to do something to stop the killings while not losing who we are as a community. I will be removing the photos on my photo page to support this idea. I am only going to leave photos that support my wonderful life. I hope that others will find this and benefit from it.

I would love to hear your feedback on this issue. Do you think this might help? Do you have any other suggestions?

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  1. Hi Aleana 🙋🏻‍♀️
    Thanks for such a well written thought provoking article.
    Before and after pics obviously are a personal choice, which I am sure are put up as a statement to say “look how far I’ve come and how good I feel about myself”. It highlights the transformation, of old self to new.
    For some on the journey, seeing a success story of hairy male to a stunning lady is a positive reinforcement and gives hope.
    As you said the down side is that it opens us all up to attacks from the bigotry and hate of those who deny us our basic rights. It is the same as dead naming. We try and avoid saying this was my male name, and this is my chosen name…look how far we have come.
    In all our stories we cannot pretend that our past does not exist. We are who we are and the woman we are today has been forged by the experiences of who we were. But for some of us those experiences do not need to be made public.
    For me, my before pics are of a scared inexperienced Jenny, with my after pics changing each time as Jenny is enjoying life.
    Thanks again Aleana for sharing 🌹


    • You are right it is a journey. I also understand that where we started from is part of that journey. But this is what I am asking is that part of the journey worth personal safety? Now I know this is just an idea and it is subject to change. I am hoping that this post brings people to think about all the lives lost and that our community is trying to figure out ways to stop the senseless killings. We should not be required to do this but no one outside of our community is going to do it for us. We must take ownership of the future and make sure it is safe for those who come after us.

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