Wow, here is a dinner topic that should be avoided at all costs. There is not one good thing that can be accomplished by talking about this, right? It is why I work very hard at avoiding this topic like the plague. I think to myself what good would it do to bring it up and talk it out. But here I go second guessing my own rules on life. But remember this “The standard you walk past is the standard you accept”, so let us begin. BTW I am sorry if this post offends you when you read it but please do read it.

All my life I have stood on the sidelines of beliefs doing what I was told seemed like the safest path to survive. For all the good growing up in a religion did on the flip side of the coin so much was also destroyed by it. Most of my family does not even see this destruction. I listened very closely to what was always being said. I have read numerous texts from many different belief structures. In the end I came to a point where I could no longer with a good heart be associated with any of them. The LDS church like to give that also about the person that started their religion as well. Sad thing is that now I am standing here and including them into that statement as well. I have loved ones who are believers and I hold no ill feelings towards them as I know them very well and count them as loved ones. I also hold many of them with a deep respect. Though this respect is not DUE to the issue that they are members of a church, they are just good people who are worth their salt.

BUT! there are those to whom I would not waste the time in going to their funeral. I have seen Hypocrisy on such a level that it makes me sick and blows me away. I have seen outright Bigotry by those who pretend that they are close to god. I have seen those who ignore the very context of their own belief structure. I have said nothing to avoid making a scene or making someone feel uncomfortable. All the time in my heart it became heavy with guilt of the fact that I said and did nothing.

When I came out of the shadows of my hiding about being Transgender I promised myself to never hide who I am ever again. I promised myself never to allow those who trample on others to feel good about themselves for doing it to be a part of my life. I stood up this year when someone tried to link sexual attraction to hero worship. I have even stood up when someone else I knew tried to link the reason some women are Lesbians are due to a fact that they were abused, raped, or sexually assaulted. I blasted in a loud voice at someone who tried to defend conversion therapy (Grrrrr, still angry about that one). I have even stopped conversing with those who try to suggest that god does not love the LGBT+ community because we are sinners. I told myself I will not be counted with you.

But as of late I have been seeing some very disturbing events in those who call themselves believers. From the LDS church who allowed their namesake choir to sing for a known rapist, pedophile, and all around bigot Donald Trump. Then tried to distance themselves by saying that the Choir is not part of the church, even though it is FUNDED by the church and has always been. Which if you are too blind to see it was a political move to say the least (kinda like chess). To televangelists saying that they can heal COVID over the TV and being allowed to hold Prayer sessions in the White house. But then today the mother of all churches who has had more blood on their hands than any standing army in the history of mankind. Has said that they will not bless same sex unions. This with combined with what the LDS church did with Prop 8.

I have this to say to all of them. Have you outlived your usefulness?
Kind of like a worn out tire.

The Pope is the leader of a church that is the world leader of the BIGGEST PROTECTED PEDOPHILE RING ever in the history mankind. There have been more children hurt by their actions than they can ever repent for. Let’s not even start looking into what they did during WW2. But they are not the only ones who have ruined the childhood of so many. SO many churches have supported the issue of conversion therapy it would blow your mind. The LDS church is the biggest group of lairs when it comes to equal rights. If you doubt that take the time and look at their dealings with those who are any colour other than white. Funny thing they were caught out in the 70’s with blacks and their priesthood after being threatened with losing their Tax free status. That was also how UTAH became a state they had to stop having more than one wife. We also would be devoid of the fact that so many Native Americans died at the hand of religious zealots. This list will go on and on about EVERY RELIGION. another thing I must say is that it is not a matter if they have been caught it is when they will be caught and how much damage did they cause.

Now I know there are those who wholeheartedly believe that there is a GOD. I have nothing against you, unless you say nothing about the wrongs that your religion is doing. If you walk past a standard that is completely wrong. Then I do have a problem with you. You see the only way to make a church change what it is doing wrong is to hold them accountable for their actions. But the sad thing is that so many of the believers are willing to walk past the horrific standards. George Pell should have ROTTED in prison. But he was welcomed back to his pedophile ring with open arms. The LDS church still to this day hides its outright bigotry with token coloured people (btw, they import white leaders into areas that are not white). Let us not look to hard at the Church of England. At some point the question needs to be asked who is the real sinners? It seems that a lot of these religions drive a deep hate in one form or another towards others that they find objectionable. I find it really interesting that many if none of them will NOT criticises the others no matter how bad they are. Then we MUST assume that they are accepting the standard they they willingly walk past. But heaven forbid if someone is LGBT+.

But I have heard so many times “But look at all the good that they do”. That is like saying “Hey we can overlook all the bad Hitler did because he built the autobahn.” or “The Bomb on Hiroshima stopped the war by killing thousands of innocents.” the time is running out for these poor excuses of the bastards of humanity. The only question that I am left with wondering is why do you matter. It does not matter that you are not willing to bless same sex unions. Your hands are far to dirty with the blood of others for many of us to want that blessing. I bet you never thought of that. Until you pay for your crimes against humanity no one should support you. Then don’t get me started on the fear mongering that so many of you pray upon, Christ is returning over and over again is so damn old 2000+ years old. So before you start judging others clean up your own messes and start being honest in your dealings. Help lock up the monsters that you have allowed for so many decades. Then and only then might the vast majority might be willing to look at you with a maybe. But I doubt that as we are in an age of enlightenment where the old guard is dying out.

Just so you know just because a book talks about morality does not mean we cannot find it without that book. You might be shocked that there were tons of civilizations that existed without religion. Though mind you at some point they did CREATE one out of thin air. Maybe that says something about who we are as a species. That we need to believe in something is out there that is more powerful than us. Remember we are the top of the food chain and have a vast ability to use deductive reasoning.

I guess I should end my rant about religion with one last thought. Isn’t it about time we start focusing our collective intelligence to do something more than attack others and waste time with something that might never happen (second coming). Think of what could be done? We are as a species stuck in a rut that keep going around and around. Something needs to change. Doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result…is what? FUCKING STUPID!

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