Shattered Reality

As you might have read earlier this week I was talking about a page that I have added to the site called Dangerous Places. As a recap what this page is about is there are places in the world that are just not safe for the Transgender community.

I needed to start with a baseline of the world as a whole. So I went in search of a freedom index. Which measures the freedom of countries and the people that live within them. So in my search I came across the Cato Institute’s Freedom Index [Link] which is widely accepted as a review of the worlds freedom. As well as a good baseline to start my look at safe places. Though I did come across a problem in their measurements. Though I cannot blame them alone as most freedom indexes are not measuring the issues of the LGBT+ freedoms.

Before you continue reading I am going to explain the use of LGBT+ Communities instead of Transgender Healthcare by itself. This is done because most governments that willfully refuse rights of one group will then move onto another when the first one is crippled/controlled.

In looking at the freedom index I need to create a measurement that could be used for all places of living. I also looked at two types of problems one being laws of healthcare and laws of freedom of movement. Laws of healthcare is when governments exclude the LGBT+ communities from the right of healthcare. Or the governments forbid healthcare to the LGBT+ communities. These are two separate issues even though that sound one in the same. The freedom of movement is as simple as not allowing Transgender Youth to be involved in sports to not allowing the LGBT+ communities period.

I created two penalties that would adjust the Cato score. What I did was to give a -.50 points to healthcare if the LGBT+ community was impacted. The Freedom of movement penalties need to be a sliding scale based upon the severity of the restrictions in place. This was a bit hard to decide upon but I went with if the restriction was as simple as not allowed to be involved in sports that was a -.25. To the extreme if you were not allowed to exist as a LGBT+ person which would be a -1.00. Though in saying the above I am sure it will adjust as I look deeper into creating a more comprehensive scoring metric.

But as I started to look at all the states I start to feel a great sense of loss and hopelessness for those within my community in the US. As I wrote I read the laws and saw a return of a time when hate filled marches (horrific American history) returning and also focusing its attacks on the Transgender community as well as attacks on the Black communities in the US. It is no ones fault to be born any skin color other than white. Just the same it is no ones fault to have issues with Gender. But here we are seeing in a country that says it is the freest place on earth. When you read the laws and you view what is taking place I hope you notice what is crystal clear, it is not free unless you are Straight & White.

These attacks on children also show what is the results of the actions of such people like JKR (this had to be said as she has become the poster child of the Transgender Hate Movement). **Notice I did not call her a name that others might.** We even need to hold religious groups accountable. The only way to do that is through non-patronage. Once these groups are hit in their pocketbooks they will start to back off on the attacks. Though we need support from more than the members of the LGBT+ communities. We need the everyday person and the professionals such as those in the medical field. We need to apply pressure on the government though an idea of “We pledge not to vote for you” maybe the use of a hashtag such as #NoVoteforYou on the political leaders that support such hate. We must save the lives of children before we support such hate mongers. We also need to no longer support media and other outlets this includes JKR.

I have said it before and I will say it again the statement rings true “The Standard you walk past is the standard you accept.” You cannot call me friend or family if you accept the attacks on a community that I am part of. When I say this is something to be taken serious I did warn about the problems and the writing on wall in 2017 & 2019. Then last year (2020) I said get to places that are safe. Now I am telling you to take the time and READ what they are doing to the youth. Because when they are done with them they WILL come for your rights. Here is the link to what is going on in the US. [Link]

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